Oats fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

Fermented Oats are locally sourced oats,  fermented with natural lactic acid bacteria in our fermentation factory in Denmark.

Fermented Oats have various applications in foods. They’re a source of nutrition and can be used as a filler, a binder, and a texturiser.

They come as fine flour, broken or cut or whole.



FERM FOOD’s Fermented Oats can be used in bread, replace meat in meatballs, burger patties, and for plant-based ground meat.

This product is made from oat grains fermented with a mix of natural lactic acid bacteria. The fermented oat grains provide a good texture and impart a mild, tangy flavour to your dishes.

The carefully selected microorganisms contribute to a unique taste, binding ability, and structure. As a result, fermented oats can be used as a binding ingredient in various recipes. Whether combined with vegetables or used on its own, it has versatile culinary applications:

Grilling: Fermented oats mixed with vegetables can be grilled at average temperatures without burning.

Cooking and Thawing: It can be boiled or thawed without losing its binding properties or becoming watery.

Formability: Fermented oats are malleable and do not require added fat to maintain a soft and delicious texture. When the grains are cooked or fried, their consistency resembles minced meat, making them ideal for blending with ground meat.

Additionally, fermented oats can be used directly from the freezer or frozen after preparation.

Oats are naturally rich in nutrients such as dietary fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

However, when digesting whole grains, minerals can be bound by phytic acid, hindering their absorption. During lactic acid fermentation, phytic acid breaks down, resulting in fewer minerals being bound as phytate. Consequently, fermented oats contribute even more effectively to a healthy diet and efficient digestion compared to unfermented oats.

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Characteristic rye flavour with a slight tangy, sour taste.


Fills, binds and texturises foods






111100: Fermented Oats, cut or broken
111101: Fermented Oats, fine flour
111102: Fermented Sour Oats, whole
111150: Organic Fermented Oats, cut or broken
111152: Organic Fermented Oats, whole