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As the world population and need for protein grows, the food industry has a set assignment; Producing plant protein with as little impact on the climate as possible, and helping people all over the world with easy access to healthy and affordable alternative protein.



Saving energy

Zero e-numbers

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Affordable plant protein

The separation of plants into protein and other nutrients is expensive.

Fermented plant proteins go through fewer production steps. As a result, fermentation reduces the number of process steps, making the protein ingredient affordable for food producers. 

Healthy plant protein

Some of the natural benefits of raw plants are lost when making an ultra-processed protein meal.

The plant protein is soaked and boiled to increase digestibility and reduce toxic compounds like lectins.  

Fermentation reduces toxic compounds in legumes and makes the nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals more accessible without soaking or boiling the plant protein.  


Saving energy

saving energy

Heating and drying are the two most energy demanding processes in protein production.

Fermentation enables both steps to be skipped, and consequently, less energy is used for heating and drying. 

Zero e-numbers

Preservative additives are added to the processed plant material to extend its shelf life or reintroduce texture to the processed plant protein.

Fermentation is a biological process where microorganisms feed on plant protein. Lactic acid bacteria outperform unwanted bacteria during the process, while lactic acid reduces the pH.

The result of fermentation is a naturally preserved plant protein free from E-numbers.